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About me


I am a scot living near Nottingham England with my lady wife and our dog. I have been a freelance designer/sculptor for more than twenty five years before which I worked for Games Workshop in Nottingham.

In my freelance career I have worked for companies such as Hasbro, Parker Games, Waddingstons, Bluebird Toys, Games Workshop, etc

My original background was a figure sculptor but for the last ten years or so i have also been working digitally.



Welcome to my Website!

If you are looking for example images of my Freelance work please check out the Gallery otherwise the front of the Website is currently featuring THE OVERRUNNERS – my Kickstarter Campaign models.

The OVERRUNNERS are 28mm near future digitally designed and resin cast models. They feature Basic Infantry, Heavy Weapons, Jetbikes and Jeip fast attack Vehicles – so far!

First of all a bit about me – sorry!
I have been a freelance figure designer for several decades now and still get a terrific thrill from working in our little world that is Model figures and Wargaming.
I went to Art School first where I studied Graphics and Silversmithing. After that I started a small company (still going!) called Naismith Design. I made 25mm and 15mm wargame figures – mostly historical along with a multitude of model ships mostly in 1:3000 scale.
Then I joined Citadel Miniatures and spent six very entertaining years there – While there I worked on standard Fantasy as well as the early design work for Rogue Trader (Warhammer 40000) – making significant contributions to many of the key models.
After Citadel I freelanced for many many different companies – too many to mention but certainly most of the major toy and model soldier companies are in there!
So now I still freelance but saw how much Kickstarter could help people realise their dreams and I thought that I’d have a go!

Overrunners – the rationale
I see the Overrunners as being the mobile light infantry of the near future – I wanted to make the models feel ‘real’ with just enough SciFi to move them on. They could be border guards, Insurgents,Elite strike teams – any role that needs their overall look.
This presumes that there will be other more heavy and assault type models and that’s the case but first I wanted to start at the beginning..!

Ancillary stuff
On the Kickstarter video you might see other figures that aren’t the Overrunners. There are a couple of other figures – a guy in a spacesuit and an alien guy. I fully intend to make ranges based on these two along with Women Overrunner troops and more vehicles. This of course depends on how well the campaign goes!
This is what the Kickstarter offering consists of..

Below are my datasheets for the range – my creative thoughts behind the models – of course you may choose to induct them into your own settings and if so please be my guest! In any event I present these to you even if just for fun!

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