Unlikely Heroes 2!


Three miniature figure files for your SCi Fi adventures

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These three are the most unlikely of heroes –¬† ¬†just like the first set!

these three are actually identical clones – however their experiences have led down different paths..!


There is Frank the Fiddler – a rogue if ever there was one – you name it – he has probably stolen or fenced it at some time or other..

Next comes Randolph – a devout follower of the Order of the Deepdreamers. Randolph believes in retribution for any misdemeanour – which is why he is often on the trail of his clone!!

Last comes Miles – or Miles the Magnificent as he likes to be known. A skilled pilot his skills are only overestimated by one individual – himself!!!


so from time to time these three find thems either at odds with each other or in complete synchrony, fighting as one!