Seas of the orb – The Damned Fleet




Typically utilising mortise and tenon joints, reenforced with strengthening dowels, the ships of the Damned are generally of wooden construction, with the majority of building materials coming from fir, pine, and cedar trees. Fashioned onto these floating structures, seeking to praise their god, T’Zor, the Damned adorn their ships and boats, which themselves are imbued with contagion and corruption, with all manner of diseased decorations and shrines in worship of their saviour; as T’Zor teaches, “To be diseased is to be blessed.”

Damned Warships: With banks of tireless rowers, coupled with large, flax fibre sails, warships of the Damned comprise of imposing, corvus-equipped, trireme type vessels. These lightweight, highly manoeuvrable ships are armed with a total of six ballistae, with three positioned port side and three on the starboard, while to the warship’s bow there is a ship-sinking naval ram.

Bubonic Barges: Bubonic barges are small, single-sailed vessels loaded with cannisters of disease. Held within large, rusted tanks, infectious contagions are sprayed onto enemy ships through a fixed funnel called a disease diffuser, which is positioned to the bow.

Troll Barges: Similar in style to Bubonic Barges, Troll Barges carry a single tattered sail, while the creaking vessel’s pace is supported further by a handful of tireless oarsmen. Meanwhile, ensuring greater close combat efficiency, each barge is fitted with a corvus. Ill-tempered and impatient, filthy, hulking humanoids, trolls are brutal creatures, sometimes coaxed into battle with promise of a share in the spoils of war. Many trolls have also fled the murderous persecution of the Konstrato Empire; with vengeance in their hearts, these units of Trolls eagerly serve the navies of the Damned.

Ballista Boats: Much like Bubonic Barges and Troll Barges, Ballista Boats are single-sailed vessels. Small but swift, Ballista Boats are often best tasked with lightning strike, hit-and-run missions. Manned by a minimal crew of Mutants, each Ballista Boat is armed with a single ballista, which is positioned to the bow of the vessel. Adding further to the vessel’s sense of menace, the bolts and blades of a Ballista Boat unit are coated with all manner of infection and disease.

Taken from Shadows of Centralis: Seas of the Orb ( © Wombat Wargames





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