Vessels of the Fiends tend to be filthy and fetid, their creaking decks layered with excrement and dismembered corpses, while the surrounding air is thick with disease-carrying flies. The Fiends’ Khainags are widely considered floating cesspools by the Orb’s other races. More than simply being stench-filled ships, Khainags are mobile melee machines which carry troops of frenzied Fiendish Warriors and bloodthirsty, muscle-strewn Minotaurs across the waves.

Crudely constructed warships which drip with savage menace, Khainags are highly manoeuvrable vessels which are designed to enable the troops of fighters onboard to quickly engage in close combat. These vessels are also fitted with two ballistae; one to the bow, and one to the centre of the ship.

Aurochs: Effectively smaller versions of Khainags, Aurochs also carry troops of Fiendish Warriors and Minotaurs. Though designed for quickly bringing onboard troops into close combat upon the waves, these vessels are also fitted with a single ballista to the centre of the ship. 

War Canoes: Driven by dark hearts and an unhallowed hunger for human flesh, settlements of Fiends draw many human cultists. Living on the outskirts of the Fiends’ different kingdoms, and surviving as cannibals, consuming vast quantities of intoxicating blood-based broths, these cultists soon adopt the mindset of a beast. Manned by Order of the Fiend Cultists, War Canoes carry fighters armed with a variety of firearms.

Taken from Shadows of Centralis: Seas of the Orb ( © Wombat Wargames


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