Seas of the orb – The Followers of the Eye


Followers of the Eye

Typically, the Followers of the Eye construct their fleets of ships and boats using papyrus reeds and lengths of bamboo, sometimes adding extra waterproofing through the use of moss and seaweed-based tar. Though their seacrafts tend to lack sophistication, they are highly manoeuvrable, and the Followers of the Eye do share an affinity with the waves.

Xanthos: The Followers of the Eye’s warships are constructed using natural materials, typically comprising of reeds and bamboo; such is their design, they are pacey and highly manoeuvrable vessels. Preferring to fight at close quarters, these warships are not equipped for missile warfare, instead they carry savage warriors who benefit from the vessels’ corvuses. The largest of the Followers of the Eye’s warships are called Xanthos.

Kaloulas: Smaller versions of Xanthos, Kaloulas carry troops of Monitor-men Warriors, Giant Monitor-men, and hulking Giant Gila Monsters. Just like Xanthos, Kaloulas are equipped with corvuses, ensuring deadly efficiency in engaging enemy vessels in close combat.

Tsitsikamas: Tsitsikamas are the smallest vessels of the Followers of the Eye. Each equipped with a single bolt thrower positioned to the bow, and manned by keen-eyed Toad-men, Tsitsikamas are twin-sailed reed boats. 

Giant Flamingos: Soaring through the skies atop great, pink-feathered flamingos, Tegu Warriors drop canisters of poisonous snakes onto enemy troops below.

Taken from Shadows of Centralis: Seas of the Orb ( © Wombat Wargames

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