Seas of the orb – Dwarven Fleet



Much like their powerful land armies, with their steam-powered warships all loaded with far-reaching cannons, smaller vessels filled with formidable warriors, ornithopters which can rain fire from the sky, and steam-propelled submarines which can strike from beneath the water’s surface, a Dwarfs navy is a formidable force.

Steam-powered Dreadnoughts: These multi-levelled behemoths are loaded with a total of ten cannons; three positioned port side, three positioned starboard, two positioned to the stern, and two are positioned to the bow. Such is the reenforced construction of their design, coupled with tall sides, Steam-powered Dreadnoughts are highly durable naval war machines.

Cannon Crafts: Dwarfs are pioneers of steam technology, as well as enthusiasts of black powder weaponry. Essentially smaller versions of Steam-powered Dreadnoughts, operating at greater speeds, Cannon Crafts, with two cannons port side, and two starboard, carry a total of four cannons. Though not carrying as many as Steam-powered Dreadnoughts, Cannon Crafts do boast a number of Dwarf Warrior troops also, ensuring these vessels can pack a punch in close combat as well as in missile warfare. 

Ornithopter Carrier: Well-armed and imposing, carrying troops of solid and dependable Dwarf Warriors, steam-powered Ornithopter Carriers provide mobile landing pads and repair services for rocket-firing Ornithopters units. Formidable fighting machines, capitalising on the dwarven enthusiasm for gunpowder, and the keen aim of their crew members, in addition to servicing Ornithopter units, Ornithopter Carriers carry a total of six cannons; two to the bow, two port side, and two starboard.

Dwarf Submarines: Manned by crews of submersible experts, steam-powered Dwarf Submarines are stealthy seacrafts armed with 2 steam rockets launchers; one port side, one starboard.

Ornithopters: Resembling huge mechanical birds, with their streamlined, flapping wings powered by gunpowder charges and steam technology, Ornithopter units are operated by a two-man crew; a pilot and gunner. Taking to the skies, where they can rain fire from above, Ornithopters are armed a single steam-powered rocket launcher.

Taken from Shadows of Centralis: Seas of the Orb ( © Wombat Wargames





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