Seas of the orb – The Hag Elves Fleet


Hag Elves

Populating a series of bleak and austere islands off the southern coast of Infernum, the Servants of Extinction board fleets of slender and swift, clinker-built warships as they navigate the seas of the Orb. Much more than opportunistic marauders of the seas, the Servants of Extinction have a fearsome reputation for military doctrines centred around lightning-fast attacks and the razing of coastal regions.
Hag Elf Titans: Pacey, multi-sailed vessels, Hag Elf Titans are armed with six ballistae; two on port side, two on starboard, one to the bow, and one to the stern.
Hag Elf Slaughter Ships: Smaller versions of Hag Elf Titans, Hag Elf Slaughter Ships are armed with four ballistae; two on port side, and two starboard.
Murdercrafts: Slender boats with a single sail, adorned with evil decoration and dark sigils, Murdercrafts carry troops of Hag Elf Warriors armed with powerful, deadly crossbows.

Taken from Shadows of Centralis: Seas of the Orb ( © Wombat Wargames

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