Seas of the orb – The Goblin Fleet







Often overindulging in alcoholic beverages and consuming vast quantities of stimulants and mind-altering substances, goblins are enthusiastic inventors who tend to disregard safety considerations, this is evident in the race’s fleets of ships and boats. With no thought given to traditional naval design, warships sailed by goblins are like no other; circular seacrafts of wooden and metal construction, powered with the use of multiple sails, and armed with a range of missile weapons, Goblin Warship units are floating fortresses.


Goblin Warships:

Goblin Warships are huge, chaotically constructed floating fortresses, armed with eight bolt throwers (three to port side, three to starboard, one to the bow, and one to the stern) and a rotating flamethrower positioned to the centre of the vessel.


 Kamikaze Boats: Small vessels of wooden construction, propelled through the waves by an above-water fan, Kamikaze Boats are loaded with lots of explosives. Lauded and celebrated for their loyalty to the goblin cause and service to Puck, the crew of a Kamikaze Boat make the ultimate sacrifice.


Raucous Rafts: Carrying troops of rowdy, intoxicated Goblin Warriors, Raucous Rafts are small, hastily constructed wooden boats with a single sail. Though the onboard troops are armed for close combat, with each fitted with a single ballista to the bow, these vessels are often best employed with the task of picking off already weakened units, or disrupting enemy movement.


Balloon Bombers: Hastily constructed flying machines, comprising all manner of components, but all utilising heat to inflate large, buoyant balloons, Balloon Bombers carry a goblin crew which rain bombs onto the enemy beneath them.


Goblin Submarines: Sometimes recovered and converted enemy vessels, other times creations completely of their own invention, Goblins navies often include Goblin Submarines.


Swimming Giants: Encouraged to enter into the waves and support the goblin cause through a promise of a share of the spoils, as well as fuelled through copious supplies of emboldening alcohol, Swimming Giants can prove formidable opponents, as long as they don’t fall victim to exhaustion.


Taken from Shadows of Centralis: Seas of the Orb ( © Wombat Wargames

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